Preaching Is Not Enough

There is a disconnect when a church is known for faithful Bible preaching but the people in the church are biblically illiterate or are not living in obedience to God's Word.  Faithful Bible preaching is essential, but it alone cannot accomplish the full task of making disciples.  

Bring Us Out

May we praise God for the crucible of grace that transforms our burdens into blessing, our struggle into strength, our suffering into silver! 

Kingdom Rekindled: Espirit De Corps

Espirit De Corps, “the spirit of the body,” seems to be missing from many in the Church today.  A Holy Spirit-driven Esprit De Corps is the sense of vigor and momentum of the Church to maintain faith and muster fervor in the face of opposition or hardship. It is the “spirit” of enthusiasm and mutual devotion that the body of Christ has for one another; expressing itself in an earnest desire to magnify Christ and multiply His Kingdom.