About The Scripture Feed

The Scripture Feed is a devotional blog for people who want to engage more deeply with God through the Bible.  The Bible is spiritual food for those that hunger for significance, identity, belonging and intimacy with Christ.  The Scripture Feed is written to help you experience God more fully through His Word.  Each devotional post focuses on a specific passage of scripture and brings modern application to ancient truths.  The Scripture Feed is a great resource to share with friends, family, groups and even the spiritually curious.

About the Author

Warren Mainard is the author of The Scripture Feed.  When Warren was 16 years old, he had a radical, life transforming experience with God through placing his faith in Jesus Christ.  In that season, a hunger for God and His Word was born and Warren has had a voracious passion for understanding and sharing Scripture ever since.  Having served as a Youth Pastor, Pastor and executive ministry leader for over 25 years, Warren currently serves as the Executive Director for IMPACT Players in Seattle, WA.

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